Fred Alsop
Chef / Owner

Raised in Looe where his parents ran a wholesale fish business supplying fine dining restaurants (Nathan Outlaw, Marco Pierre White, John Campbell and Pierre Koffman), Fred spent his early years handling fish, even buying on the market and going into the kitchens of the chefs they supplied.
Fred spent his late teens and early 20s working on sailing yachts all over Europe and the Americas, where his passion for food and knowledge of cuisine continued to grow.
After several years running his own fresh seafood company Fred decided his own seafood restaurant was the next logical step to pair his 2 real passions in life; Seafood & Wine.
The Fish Market was born!

Ali Redgrave
Having spent almost all of her career in hospitality - much of it running her own pub, Ali has a wealth of experience and has kept Fred on the straight and narrow (ish!) since opening, but no they are not married despite many a comment and the great friendship they share!
She always guarantees a warm welcome, a cheeky smile and will often make guests feel as if they have made a friend by the end of the evening. She's loves seafood and has an interest in all cuisine and is truly passionate about her wines - although not Sauvignon Blanc or Oakey Chardonnay it must be noted.
In her spare time she is a doting Grandmother and persevering wife to Nigel. They enjoy their life in the country surrounded by chickens and dogs.
Hydro-Ceramic antibacterial hygiene technician

Luke is the bright smiling face you often see in the kitchen. Offering help wherever needed and ensuring the whole restaurant runs smoothly. You'll often spot him shaking his head at the deeply stupid and sometimes inappropriate things Fred says. He is, without a doubt, overqualified for his position and often dips into his wealth of knowledge to help the gang out when we get into a pickle. To some, it is rumoured he's The Stig, possibly a double agent, most definitely an international man of mystery. To us, he is Luke. 


Sarah is our little pocket sized emotional support manager. Ensuring all of our staff are regularly fed, giving advice and generally keeping everyone smiling, as well as whizzing round the floor of The Fish Market she is also a accomplished hairdresser. She often says Fred would make a great hairdresser if only for his ability to talk absolute rubbish.

Claire Askar
Executive Assistant

Claire began a career within the hospitality industry at the youthful age of 21 in a fast-paced central London restaurant as a waitress. Quickly moving up the ranks into management Claire found her jam in organising everything and everyone in her branch. After travelling the world, falling in love and having children, Claire and her gorgeous family are about to put down their roots in Cornwall. In her new role Claire will be organising Fred and anything and everything she can get her hands on. Freeing up Fred to focus on his passion and talent as a Chef. 



Having come to us initially to help whilst we were short staffed, Emma came and never left. A great addition to our team, Emma brings a high level of professionalism and a thorough understanding of hospitality having previously run her own restaurant, along with a cheeky sense of humour and the occasional dirty laugh. One of Emma's many strengths is her determination to learn new skills and a desire to continually improve with a focus on a greater customer experience. Top Tip- don't mention her height or compare her to any height challenged mythical creatures!


Tiaa's two biggest assets are obvious as soon as you meet her... her warm smile and welcoming attitude. Like many of our staff who have chosen to live the Cornish lifestyle, Tiaa has a career as a successful beautician. In order to fund her love of holidays, festivals and eating at The Fish Market, she helps out a couple of evenings a week. You'll often see her enjoying our evening sun with either a rose or a pint of lager on her days off. Tiaa's ability to keep morale high on our busiest nights is a quality we couldn't be without.