With a small local fishing fleet still operating from Looe, catching some of the best seafood in the UK our menu changes daily (sometimes twice daily) to showcase the best of their catches.
We also work with a selection of other fish suppliers to ensure the best quality produce from across Cornwall and South Devon coasts reaches the table in the restaurant – often showcasing species that are normally bound for foreign markets.

“I don’t eat fish!”

Of course we understand fish may not be the top of many people’s lists but we champion it here and well, what better “plaice” (sorry) to try it just 5 meters from the boats that catch it?

Should it be a firm ‘NO’ to fish, we always have a great local steak on the menu and should you be seeking a vegetarian option we require this information in advance but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by something inspired from Fred’s Mediterranean travel.

Thanks to our wonderful suppliers:

Skipper of the Saxon Spirit

A modern under 10 trawler fishing between Plymouth and Looe, Louis brings us a selection of pristine and interesting fish each week, You’ll often see Louis propping up the bar and prepared to spin a few dits he will often mention he held Fred as a baby.
Rhys and Ivan run two vessels regularly landing to us and mooring up right outside our restaurant. The Maxine’s Pride a locally built inshore trawler catching a huge variety of fish and the Madeline specialising in crab and lobster.
Sirene, a small boat catching Hook and Line Seabass, Mackerel and Pollack, Fred spent a few days at sea with Chris when he was just a boy.

Richard Newman, having worked as a fisherman for some 30 years before moving into the fish trade Richard has an incredible eye for the best fish and works with a selection of other fisherman in the port and from around the coast ensuring the best reaches our kitchen each day. 

Sam Chapman, As seen on TV, having played rugby with Fred as a youngster and met Prince Charles together whilst starting their careers in the fish industry Sam and Fred have come full circle working together as two of the younger business men in the fishing industry. Sam supplies much of our shellfish and prime fish from further afield.

Charles Wharton, Where would we be without there support and knowledge. We pride ourselves on having some of the best Wines, beers and Spirits available and Charles and Team have given our staff all they need to help pair or just offer a tipple out of the ordinary.

Cornwall Farm Produce, Saltash 
Ooughs butchers / Warrens, Liskeard 
Westcountry produce, St Austell